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MidwayUSA is a privately held American retailer of various hunting and outdoor-related products.

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Hindi True Bloodthirst

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Bucharest, Romania. The not-too-distant future, but an entirely different city. The human population is dwindling. The vampire population, meanwhile, is exploding. Having emerged from the shadows a decade earlier, vampires now walk openly amongst the human population, as a precarious peace exists between the two. A peace made possible by the introduction of a synthetic blood substitute, dispensed by the Romanian government, making traditional vampire feeding, and preying on humans, no longer necessary. But even so, it's not a peace that everyone is entirely comfortable with... Set in a not-too-distant future in which a synthetic blood substitute, dispensed by the Romanian government, allows humans and vampires to potentially co-exist. For those of you thinking about watching this movie, I should inform you that almost every scene and every plot element in this movie is "borrowed" from other movies/TV shows, and brutally mutilated. This state of incompetence is coupled with casting every part with actors who have no acting talent, needless posturing and muscle-flexing in literally EVERY scene, and a cheap cop-drama feel, where nothing and nobody matters as long as the token main characters look cool. I use the term "cool" loosely. A more appropriate term would be "Twilight-challenged Power Rangers".

Don't get me wrong, I quite enjoy True Blood (oh, how we laugh at those zany human supremacists), Underworld Evolution, Daybreakers, and to a lesser extent, Priest and District 9, but I have a major bone to pick when their plots are so blatantly stolen, mushed up into one, and royally screwed over from every angle. If you paid money for this as I did in a Walmart discount bin then you'll like hate yourself. But really... I knew what I was buying. Thought I would try some low budget, poor acting, poor SFX etc. vampire movie. That is what I got but I still found I followed it and only rarely fast forwarded. I've seen some of the actors before and don't know why they got themselves involved in this. Must have had mortgage payments due. So it has almost everything derivative you can think about (synthetic blood, silver (mercury) hollow bullets, retrovirus, misunderstood vampires, human/ vampire love interest, sacrifice loved one to vampirism instead of death, evil human conspiracy, etc. So what did I like about it: 1. Harsh sharp images in some scenes. To me showing lack of technical funds but at times gave some scenes an interesting perspective. 2. Actors who were okay but never great. 3. Some odd background characters that often have no lines but look quirky. There was one weird guy on the dance floor. Also liked the female member of the vampire team but we didn't see much of her. Had few lines. Her male counterpart had no lines. 4. The setting of much of the movie is an abandoned mill or processing facility. I found the scenes there interesting to watch. 5. Sense of isolation. The factory, the use of fires in 45 gallon drums, the overground weeds came a sense of desolation to the vampire area. Or I assume they were often in that vampire area as we never seemed to see them leave it - although they must have in some cases. 6. Did have a limited sense that the vampires were "slumming" and were relegated to camps. They could have added a few more scenes to increase this sense.

So these are not reasons you buy a movie but they are things that make you watch it when you have it.

Ignore the title or at the least the one on IMDb (it is called Vampyre Nation on my DVD). They are copying many vampire elements but I did not find it reflective of True Blood at all. So think of it copying other poorer vampire flicks. Although vampires and humans now co-exist openly (albeit uneasily) thanks to a government-endorsed synthetic blood substitute, vampirdzhiya (vampire hunter) John Harker (Andrew Lee Potts) is called into action by Konstantin Kovak (Roark Critchlow), the head of the Department of Human-Vampire Relations, when several gruesome murders suggest that there is a new predator in Bucharest....and it's feeding on both vampires and humans. Aided by his former vampire hunting team -- sister Celeste (Heida Reed), girlfriend Katya (Claudia Bassols), and co-hunter Andrei (Vlado Mihailov) -- along with Lt Terry Derricks (Neil Jackson) and Scotland Yard Inspector Innes-Bunchley (Jonathon Hargreaves), Harker learns that vampires were given tainted blood that alters their DNA, causing them to devolve into a winged subspecies with voracious appetites. Joined by vampire Nikolai (Ben Lambert), the vampire hunting team must now learn to work together to hunt down the subspecies and discover who contaminated them. True Bloodthirst (aka Vampyre Nation) is filmed from a story and screenplay by Jeffrey Green and Rafael Jordan. When Celeste is unable to shut off the transmitter that is sending the devolved vampires to the downtown area, Derricks orders Kovak at gunpoint to give them the code, but he refuses, claiming that he would rather die than fail. To prove a point, Kovak shoots Celeste, forcing Harker to make the decision to either let her die or let Nikolai turn her. Harker chooses to turn her. Celeste then turns the tables on Kovak and threatens to turn him into a vampire, the one thing he hates worse than death, if he doesn't give her the code. Kovak relents, and Celeste is able to reverse the transmitter and send the subspecies flying back to the Vampire Relations building where they have placed several C-4 bombs on the roof. Derricks then handcuffs Kovak to a bookcase and gives him the detonator. The vampirzhiyas then leave the building. When the creatures break down the door and advance on Kovak, he presses the detonator, blowing up the top floors. In the final scene, as Derricks, Nikolai, Harker, and Celeste watch the VR building burn, they agree that vampires and human will continue living side-by-side for now, but none of them can predict for how long. As the sun comes up, Nikolai and Celeste go inside. Derricks joins them. Harker takes one last look at the burning building and follows. 646f9e108c

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